Nominations Open for Staff Care's 2018 Country Doctor of the Year Award

Nominations Open for Staff Care's 2018 Country Doctor of the Year Award!

Do you know a physician working hard to provide care to a rural American community — the kind of doctor who still makes house calls, who regularly goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that his or her patients receive the best possible quality of care?

If so, we invite you to submit a nomination for Staff Care's 2018 Country Doctor of the Year Award! The nomination process, which lasts until October, is your chance to clue us into rural-based physicians who deserve some recognition. And in the process, we hope to shed a little light on the plight of America's rural healthcare system, too (as well as the ongoing rural care shortage).

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Infographic: 20 Years of Staff Care's Country Doctor of the YearWe're talking about doctors like Van Breeding, MD, who provides dedicated, seemingly tireless care to Eastern Kentucky's coal country. “My heart is in these hills and with these people,” says Dr. Breeding, our 2017 Country Doctor of the Year. “My patients are my friends and in many cases my relatives. I can’t imagine living or practicing anywhere else.”

20+ Years of Country Doctor of the Year Awards

The list also includes amazing physicians like Jasmine Sulaiman, MD of Cleveland, Texas, our 2016 Country Doctor of the Year, "a new breed of country doctor [who] combines the compassion and commitment of old school physicians with the information technology and new practice paradigms of today’s doctors.”

Before that, John Otho "Rob" Marsh, MD of Middlebrook, Virginia, our 2014 Country Doctor of the Year, founded the first full-service, full-time family practice clinic for Delta Force families. Our 2013 Country Doctor, Robert Bösl, MD of Starbuck, Minnesota, still drives the nearly 40-mile round trip to the hospital in neighboring Morris multiple times per day to check on patients and perform procedures.

And before that, there's still three decades of Country Doctor of the Year Award winners, dating back to 1995, when Dr. John Harlan Haynes, of Vivian, Louisiana first won the award. Check out our official Country Doctor page for a full list of past winners, or download our exclusive Country Doctor infographic here for a more interactive and colorful presentation at every winner since 1995.

And if you know a hard-working doctor you'd like to recognize, we urge you to make a nomination using this quick form. We'll spring for two weeks of paid time off for the 2018 Country Doctor of the Year, offering a locum tenens fill-in at no charge to the physician or his or her practice. The winner will also receive the signature Country Doctor plaque, an engraved stethoscope, and a monogrammed lab coat, as well as an induction ceremony.

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