Need Career Flexibility? 7 Reasons to Go Locum

The healthcare industry has long recognized the need for greater work–life balance for physicians and other clinical providers, and the COVID-19 global pandemic exacerbated existing problems. Clinicians have been pushed beyond their limits, with many still trying to recover and regroup.

Even the daily grind of clinical and administrative responsibilities can become overwhelming. So what is a physician or advanced practitioner to do? Take control of your career as a locum tenens provider.

Locum tenens assignments provide flexible work options, including the ability to choose when and where you work. They can be part-time in your local area or full-time assignments that allow you to travel to a new location and stay for a few weeks or months. While working locum tenens you can explore new cities, learn new skills, enjoy more time with family and gain a new perspective on your medical career.

7 advantages of working locum tenens in 2021

1. Refresh your perspective  
After several difficult months of treating COVID patients or dealing with other fallout from the pandemic, working locum tenens in 2021 can provide a fresh perspective and a mental break. Even if patient cases are similar to what you’ve been experiencing, a new workplace with less administrative responsibility can offer some reprieve. 

Locum jobs can break up your routine, allow you to experience new places and take a fresh approach to how you practice. Spending more time with patients and caring for a new patient population may also help you reenergize and reconnect with why you originally fell in love with medicine. 

2. Allow time to consider your next step 
Whether you are a recent medical school graduate, considering a change in mid-career, or nearing retirement, locum tenens jobs can allow you some time to consider what your next steps will be. These assignments can provide temporary employment and a healthy income while you weigh your options.

If you are looking for a new location to practice, a locum job could provide the bridge to get you there without making a long-term commitment. Talk to a Staff Care recruiter about locum tenens assignments in a destination where you might like to relocate.  

3. Gain flexibility and control of your work schedule  
Recent survey data from the American Medical Association shows that the majority of physicians work 40-60 hours per week, with 1 in 4 averaging between 60-80 hours per week. With so many hours committed to their jobs, physicians are anxious for new solutions that allow them greater work–life balance. 

Freedom and flexibility is a primary benefit of working locum tenens, according to 81 percent of clinicians who participated in Staff Care’s 2021 Survey of Locum Tenens Physicians and Advanced Practitioners. Locum providers can decide when and where they want to work, and how often. The majority of providers (61 percent) worked three or fewer locum tenens assignments per year, while 18 percent worked seven or more.

"Many physicians and other providers are burned out by the administrative and reimbursement hassles that come with medical practice today," said Jeff Decker, president of Staff Care. "Locum tenens allows for a comparative degree of freedom and the ability to focus on treating patients, which is what healthcare providers enjoy the most." 

4. Provide more time for family and other interests 
Locums can enjoy flexible work options, including part-time or full-time assignments. They can choose their locations and contracts, and decide how much time to allow between assignments for vacations, family visits or other pursuits.

Don Jaffee, MD, a certified otolaryngologist, chose to work part-time as a locum tenens provider after retiring from his solo private practice. For the last several years, he has been taking locum assignments with Staff Care that still allow him plenty of time to spend with family and enjoy personal hobbies. Watch Jaffee’s locum tenens story here.  

5. Earn extra income  
Physicians who are focused on paying off medical school debt, saving up for a major expense or preparing for retirement can opt to work part-time locum assignments in addition to their current jobs. These assignments could involve an extra shift on days off or using vacation time for short-term locum jobs.

Clinicians can also choose to work locum tenens full-time, with an excellent salary over an extended period of time, as they work with their recruiter to book back-to-back assignments. 

6. Enhance clinical skills and gain experience 
Want to learn something new? Locum tenens assignments offer opportunities to increase your skills or learn procedures that may not be available in your current workplace. You can gain exposure to a variety of practice settings, patient populations, best practices and cutting-edge treatments and procedures.  

7. Help the patients who need you most 
Locum tenens assignments range from large academic medical centers to rural hospitals and practices that allow clinicians to care for patients in underserved areas, with patients who desperately need their specialty training. Many physicians relish the opportunity to give back during a locum tenens assignment, or on a medical mission made possible by their flexible locum schedule.

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