Our Top Read Healthcare Articles of 2018

We believe that part of caring for healthcare providers involves keeping them informed about the latest medical news and career information that can help them and their patients. That’s where Staff Care’s Locum Links Blog comes in, and we’ve enjoyed providing our readers with the type of healthcare news you can use throughout the year. 

Over the course of 2018, there were a number of subjects that resonated with our readers—from top medical apps and practitioner burnout to varying work options and scope of practice issues.  In case you missed any of these hot topics in medicine, here is the list of our most-read healthcare blog posts of the year.

Our Top 10 Medical Blogs of 2018

 5 Ways Part-time Physician Jobs Could Work for You 

More and more practitioners are looking for part-time physician jobs that provide different kinds of options. And they are finding them. Could part-time work for you? A part-time position might help you find more time with family, lower your stress and avoid physician burnout—or it could provide a secondary income. It could even help you transition to another stage in your career. See how some of your colleagues are making it work.

2. The Future of Physician Assistant Practice Authority 

Physician assistant roles and PA scope of practice laws are constantly evolving, with variations from state to state. Discover where progress is being made, current predictions for the PA job market, and which factors are influencing this growing field.

3. The States Most in Need of Dentists 

Many areas of the country have a shortage of dentists, but some states are more affected than others. See which states have the most underserved populations (per HPSA designation), and where permanent and locum tenens dentist jobs are in greatest demand.

4. The 5 Best Internal Medicine Apps

Among the hundreds of medical apps available today, a select few consistently rank at the top of internists’ best apps lists. Whether you are a general internist, gastroenterologist, oncologist, infectious disease specialist or other internal medicine specialist, check out these helpful apps for improving patient care and streamlining your professional practice.

5. The Leading Cause of Physician Burnout

What is behind the rising incidence of physician burnout? From onerous business requirements to changes in the doctor–patient relationship, one culprit stands out as the leading factor behind job-related burnout. See what it is and how you can overcome the negative effects.

6. How the New Tax Law Affects Locum Tenens

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, signed in December 2017, has several implications for locum tenens practitioners who work as independent contractors. See what changes to expect for the 2018 and 2019 tax years.

7. Are Advanced Practice Nurses Happy with Their Jobs?

Advanced practice nurses have some of the highest rated careers, including NP jobs and CRNA jobs. But are they happy? A recent survey reports on nurse satisfaction among APRNs, including what they like and don’t like about their careers.

8. The Pros and Cons of Working as a Nocturnist

There’s a strong demand among health systems for nocturnists—those go-to hospitalists who work the night shift, usually exclusively. Could this job be right for you? Consider these pros and cons before your next job change.

9. 6 Top Challenges Facing Physicians 

Feeling stressed, overburdened or simply wishing you had more time to spend with your patients? You’re not alone. Today’s physicians are dealing with a number of obstacles and trials. Check out this overview of some top challenges facing physicians in the current healthcare climate.

10. 10 Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Locum Assignment

Not sure what to expect from your first (or next) locum tenens assignment? Two senior recruiting consultants for Staff Care answer some of your most pressing questions about locum tenens jobs and suggest some specific questions you will want to get answered before accepting a contract.

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