Healthcare Video: Staff Care Doctors Discuss Physician Compensation

Healthcare Video: Physician Compensation Discussion

Should primary care specialists be paid more (or less, or just differently) than healthcare professionals who have more specialized training?

This topic of physician compensation was among the issues discussed by a roundtable panel of locum tenens professionals brought together in the spring of 2012 by Staff Care and our parent company, AMN Healthcare, to confer on the current state of the healthcare industry.

Among the opinions that emerged during this discussion:

  • Specialists deserve more pay because their training is more developed and advanced.
  • Specialists deserve a different pay structure because they have greater expertise.
  • The issue isn’t whether a physician compensation pay gap should exist, but whether it’s gotten too big.
  • Currently, reimbursement doesn’t seem to accurately reflect a clinicians’ skill.


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Where do you stand on physician compensation? Do you think there’s a gap between reimbursement and skill among specialists and general-care physicians? Sound off in the comments and add your voice to the discussion!

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