Physician Recruiter Spotlight: Chad McArthur

Recruiter Spotlight: Chad McArthur

Staff Care is committed to providing America's practicing physicians and advanced practitioners with access to professional, dedicated recruiters with a high level of industry knowledge. We invite you to meet these recruiters in our Recruiter Profile series.

Senior Recruiting Consultant Chad McArthur has been recruiting physicians with Staff Care since 2001 (and has worked as a recruiter in general since 1998). Starting in Staff Care’s anesthesia and radiology departments, Chad eventually wound up on the primary care team, where he’s been ever since.

Chad recently spoke to us from his hometown of Herriman, Utah (a suburb of Salt Lake City), where he still lives surrounded by his family, including his wife and three children, ages seven to 13.

“I’m originally from Salt Lake City and have lived here my whole life,” he said. “I spent a little bit of time in Virginia, but just a couple years.”

After beginning his recruitment career in the technology sector, Chad soon transitioned to healthcare — and Staff Care, where he’s worked ever since.

“I really enjoy working in the healthcare industry,” Chad said. “I’ve also always been very intrigued by healthcare professionals and really like to be in that atmosphere, as they are very team-oriented and dedicated to the specific job that they fulfill.

Keep Calm and ‘Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff’

Describing himself as easy-going, one of Chad’s key strengths is his ability to stay calm in hectic situations.

“I tend to let some things roll off my back and try not to sweat the small stuff,” he says. “With our industry, we rely on so many people for a job to go through … changes can happen quickly that are out of our control.

“I think you have to be somewhat calm in these situations to keep you sane. Even outside of work, there are endless stresses in life. I definitely think it helps to ‘roll with the punches’ and take each day as it comes!”

When he’s not recruiting, most of Chad’s time is spent with his family. However, he still does manage to squeeze in time for his other hobbies.

“I really enjoy building things like shelves, furniture, as well as working on cars in my garage,” Chad told us. “Although I have no formal training, it’s something that I really like to do!

“I’ve always said if money wasn’t an object I would love to open a car repair shop, and have my own garage that I can work in. I would love to have my own space with all the tools I would need and work on different cars all day long!”

Staff Care Highlights and the Thrill of Recruiting

Chad told us about his most memorable Staff Care moments.

“Very recently, Sean Ebner, the President of Staff Care, called me up and invited me to go to Cabo San Lucas for the President’s Cup,” he said.

“It was such an honor to be part of that special event, and it reinforced that I’m an asset to both my team and this company as a whole.

“I really enjoy the people that I work with, because they make working a lot of fun,” he continued. “And, it’s nice to have people to rely on when I need help with anything. The support system that we have here is really great, which helps motivate us all to perform at our best.

Chad described the “extremely rewarding” feeling of a job well done, telling us about the “many positive memories with physicians I’ve worked with, who have reached out to me and thanked me for my services.

“I really enjoy the rush of finding a doctor from the very beginning of the process, and then seeing them in their job at the healthcare facility they’re assigned to, and working with them for all the steps in between.”

That kind of dedication to his craft, and to the physician staffing industry, is a big reason why Chad has been one of Staff Care’s top recruitment professionals for a decade and a half.

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