Senior Director Christina Miner on Honing Credentialing Efficiencies for Locum Providers

From an organizational perspective, a big differentiator between AMN Healthcare and other staffing companies is that AMN also offers licensing services to locum physicians when they take assignments. Oftentimes, if there is a place that you’re interested in working as a locum physician, AMN can simultaneously credential and license you. This creates wider opportunity for where locums can go.

Leading AMN’s credentialing and licensing division is Senior Director Christina Miner, who has over 11 years of industry staffing experience. Her team of approximately 80 people (divided into three teams) supports AMN companies Locum Leaders and Staff Care.

“Credentialing is the process of insuring that our locum physicians meet the requirements of the hospitals bylaws in terms of their previous work experience and certifications, and making sure they meet the state requirements,” she said. “Our Credentialing Department provides a middle layer between the hospital and the provider to ensure a seamless credentialing experience to get the providers to work in communities that really need the assistance.”

Christina's team uses a variety of tools and resources to produce the documents needed by the facility and is constantly looking for ways to improve its own internal efficiencies and consult with hospital systems on different ways to accept credentialing documentation.

“In the world of locums and credentialing, there can be a lot of pen and paper,” she said. “For example a single application for a locum position can take anywhere from one to four hours to fill out. If you’re a physician, you don’t have that kind of time. So the service level that our team offers is pre-filling the paperwork for a locum physician as completely as we possibly can so that all you have to worry about is where you sign on the dotted line.”

Striving for speed and efficiency

As far as having a service level agreement and commitment to her customers, Christina said her team has specific timeframes for getting back our providers.

Also, with AMN Healthcare being the largest staffing company in the industry, there are many resources available. For example, AMN offers corporate travel and lodging, a team that focuses on recruitment, and a team that focuses on account management.

“We try to achieve that ‘small town, take care of you’ feel even though you are working for a large organization that has your back,” Christina said. “And because of our size and presence in the market, we have a lot of opportunities to choose from.”

To make the credential process as fast as possible, Christina’s teams are based on the specialties served. This way, team members understand certain nuances, such as procedure logs, case forms or variances. The goals are understanding the customer and being able to provide a customized experience for them while knowing not only the industry but the hospital processes.

“The credentialing analysts are assigned by specialty and, furthermore, we have them assigned by region,” she said. “Oftentimes there can be state regulations that we adhere to so the more familiar that credentialing analyst can be with the process, the more seamless the customer experience will be.”

Every credentialing employee first goes through training to serve all specialties. They attend 60 days of evaluation to see where their skills will best meet the needs of locums. After being evaluated, they are moved into appropriate specialties.

Bringing it home
Christina remembered when she was sitting with a family member who was admitted into a hospital and overheard a healthcare worker say, “AMN has someone coming.”

“That was a tangible reminder of what I do every day and the impact it has on the community and in that moment, the impact it had on my family,” she said.

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