Physicians Prefer LinkedIn, Mobile for Job Searches

Physicians Prefer LinkedIn, Mobile for Job Searches

AMN Healthcare recently released its 3rd annual Survey of Social Media and Mobile Usage by Healthcare Professionals, with some interesting results on how clinicians and physicians are using social media.

More than 87,000 clinicians were surveyed in 2013; 1,902 completed the survey, including 269 physicians. Results differed widely, but showed that physicians are the least likely to use social media in a job search, but they are the most likely to access the Internet via a mobile device.

The survey shows 28 percent of physicians using social media for job search, down from 42% in 2011, the first year the survey was conducted. Among social sites, LinkedIn is the clear choice among physicians and among clinicians overall this year, with 50% of doctors indicating it as their preferred site for job search. The second most popular social site for doctors might surprise you: 42% of respondents indicated that they prefer Google+ for job search. Facebook came in a very distant third at 15 percent.

How Are Physicians Using Social Media?

The LinkedIn results come as no surprise to Staff Care, which has robust following and engagement rate on both its LinkedIn company page and in its LinkedIn networking group for locum tenens physicians. Although the survey indicates that doctors are not using Facebook as frequently as other social media sites, Staff Care’s Facebook page has continued to see modest gains. As active Facebook user growth continues, that trend is expected to continue.

A significant number of physicians are using other niche sites as well. The top two sites are HealtheCareers and MedScape Physicians Connect; they each grabbed 31 percent.

The survey also provided some insight as to how doctors are using and optimizing their social profiles. Fifty percent said they enhanced a social profile in the past year; 20% refrained from posting negative or offensive content; and 21% increased online connections.

According to survey author Carol Johnson, Vice President of Sourcing and Digital Marketing at Staff Care’s parent company, AMN Healthcare, “Doctors, nurses, pharmacists and allied professionals realize that what they do online can help or hurt them in their job search. We've seen a more conscious effort among these healthcare professionals to showcase themselves online for success.”

Mobile Use among Physicians

One of the most striking results of the survey is the number of doctors going mobile. Physicians use mobile text alerts as part of their job searching methods more than any other healthcare professionals. Almost 80 percent of doctors are receiving mobile text alerts. Of those, more than half are requesting text alerts from recruiters, and 20 percent are subscribing to mobile job alerts.

Read AMN Healthcare's full survey here.We’d also love to get your comments on your experience staffing physicians via the Internet.

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Cathy Bible is Senior Digital Marketing Specialist for Staff Care and AMN Healthcare.

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