Staff Care President Talks to Dallas Business Journal about Growth, Facility Upgrade

Staff Care President Talks to Dallas Business Journal about Growth, Facility Upgrade

To accommodate continued growth in the physician and healthcare staffing industry, Staff Care has announced that it, along with sister company Merritt Hawkins, will be moving into a new, larger facility.

The new facility is located in Coppell, Texas, just up the road from our current location in Irving, Texas. The new space also offers a square footage of 108,000 square feet (with the option for further upwards scaling), an increase of some 15,000 feet over the current office facility.

That increased size is necessary to accommodate a growing business. Staff Care President Sean Ebner recently explained to the Dallas Business Journal that Staff Care and Merritt Hawkins currently employ about 700 individuals, and are actively recruiting approximately 60 more (mostly in the field of physician recruitment).

Industry Growth Stems from Increasing 'Mix of Permanent and Temporary Physicians'

“Providing medical services is an age-old business, yet we’re seeing dramatic acceleration in the use of much more innovative techniques and a real change in thinking about how health care is delivered, top to bottom,” Mr. Ebner told the Business Journal. “We’re looking for people with the aptitude and ability to create, manage and maintain relationships.”

“The folks who are recruiting the physicians and managing those career relationships can actually earn as much or more than the physicians that they are building relationships with,” he added.

"Much of the growth in the recruiting industry stems from health care combinations such as the recent merger of Dallas-based Baylor Health Care System and Temple-based Scott & White Healthcare," the article states, based on Mr. Ebner's input. "In addition, more health systems are moving to a mix of permanent and temporary physicians to flex up or down based on patient demand."

Staff Care's second quarter revenue saw a year-over-year increase of 31 percent, while Merritt Hawkins experienced a rise of 19 percent. Parent company AMN Healthcare Services Inc. "has revenues of $1.4 billion and is the largest health care staffing organization in the country as ranked by Staffing Industry Analysts," the Business Journal adds.

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