Psychiatrist Shortage Focus of New White Paper from Staff Care

Psychiatrist Shortage White Paper

There’s no question that today's physician shortage is recognized industry-wide as a major factor in the future of the healthcare workforce -- and, unfortunately, data suggests that the trend will only worsen. Last month, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) released a study concluding that the U.S. will face a deficit of between 46,000 and 90,400 physicians by the year 2025.

However, an aspect of that trend that's not as commonly discussed is the ongoing psychiatrist shortage. With one in five adults in America experiencing some form of mental illness, it's well past time for this shortage to be addressed.

"The lack of emphasis given to the psychiatry shortage and behavioral health in general is partially rooted in pervasive stigmas about mental illness in the United States," the white paper .

"While the symptoms of those with heart, lung, orthopedic or other physiological problems typically are readily apparent, the symptoms of those with psychological problems often are not. For these reasons, Staff Care refers to the dearth of mental health professionals as the 'silent shortage.'"

To help illustrate the psychiatry and behavioral health physician shortage and an explanation for the shortage, Staff Care has published a white paper titled, “Behavioral Health: ‘The Silent Shortage.’” This white paper also discusses how working as a locum tenens physician can help remedy this vast shortage.

> Download Behavioral Health: 'The Silent Shortage' here.

If you are a psychiatrist or work in the behavioral health field, please take a moment and read our white paper. And don't forget to check out our nationwide listings of available job opportunities for behavioral health professionals.

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