Staff Care Ranked on Betterteam's List of Best Healthcare Staffing Agencies for 2016

Staff Care Ranked on Betterteam's List of Best Healthcare Staffing Agencies for 2016

Staff Care is proud to announce that we've been listed among Betterteam's 75 Best Staffing Agencies for 2016 — an honor extended to just a handful of staffing companies, chosen from an initial list of more than 3,000.

"We reviewed more than 3,000 staffing agencies, and found the ones that have the best reviews, are widely recognized for their work, and are able to reach big candidate pools," writes Paul Peters at the Betterteam blog.

"Hiring is harder than ever these days," Peters adds. "If you need to hire in healthcare or tech, you've probably really felt the crunch.

"Rather than spend your time trying to staff up, why not hire an agency that hires all day long, everyday, with deep connections and expertise at screening? That's exactly what a staffing agency is."

We couldn't agree more, and it's with that philosophy in mind that Staff Care has worked so hard to become the top locum tenens staffing firm in America, with almost three decades of experience to our name.

Peters lists a few more benefits of working with a professional staffing agency:

  • "You can ramp up and down quickly as necessary
  • "Stay focused on your core competencies
  • "Let experts hire for the positions you're unfamiliar with
  • "They handle employment laws - all 125+ of them
  • "They can use their size to offer better benefits that attract top applicants
  • .
  • "Less risk to you for workers' compensation and unemployment claims"

Betterteam's List of Best Staffing Agencies

It's safe to say that Betterteam understands the benefits of, as well as the intricacies of, professional staffing services. As the developers of an innovative recruiting software designed to help employers navigate the increasingly crowded staffing industry, the company is well positioned to provide meaningful insight into what it takes to make a superior staffing company.

The company also offers a blog chock full of infographics, insider tips, and general hiring and recruiting expertise. Some examples of recent blog entries include:

You can check out Betterteam's website here, and view their official 75 Best Staffing Agencies for 2016 list here.

If you're interested in interacting with one of the nation's leading healthcare staffing firms, we invite you to contact us here. You can also fill out a staffing request form here.

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