Freedom, Flexibility and No Politics: Top Reasons Physicians Choose Locum Tenens Jobs

Top Reasons Physicians Choose Locum Tenens Jobs

Locum tenens work appeals to physicians for myriad reasons. Staff Care’s upcoming 2014 Survey of Temporary Physician Staffing Trends sheds some light on what doctors perceive as the top benefits of working as temporary physicians.

The 1,220 providers surveyed cited the following as the top benefits of locum tenens work:

Freedom and flexibility: 83 percent of respondents said that freedom from pressures such as managing a business, handling administrative paperwork and dealing with third-party billing was the top perk of working as a temporary physician.

Political neutrality: Today’s healthcare facilities usually have multiple stakeholders, including fellow physicians, hospital/group administrators and board members, who often have conflicting priorities. With healthcare reform throwing more fuel on the fire, it’s not surprising that 50 percent of respondents cited freedom from turf battles, realignments and other conflicts as the main benefit of locum tenens jobs.

Professional development: Locum tenens jobs also afford providers the opportunity to work in various practice environments with varying standards of care. If often serves as a forum to expand skills and extend medical education. This is reflected in the 68 percent of doctors who said the main benefits of locum tenens work was an enhanced their understanding of different health delivery systems.

Update: The 2014 Survey of Temporary Physician Staffing Trends has been released! Download a complimentary copy now.

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