Recognizing Locum Tenens Nurse Practitioners During NP Week

Recognizing Locum Tenens Nurse Practitioners During NP Week

Nurse practitioners have, and will continue to be, an asset in healthcare facilities all over the world. From all of our team at Staff Care, we would like to personally thank each and every nurse practitioner that dedicates their lives to helping others. Happy #NPWeek everyone!

With more than 155,000 NPs currently practicing in the United States, these individuals have become an essential part in healthcare delivery, and the demand for nurse practitioners is extremely high. In addition, with all of the many benefits of working locum tenens, more and more nurse practitioners are considering this as a career option.

Some facts about physician’s assistants in the U.S., according to "Have Stethoscope, Will Travel," the locum tenens book written by Staff Care President Sean Ebner and VP of Communications Phil Miller, are:

  • An estimated 11,000 new NPs complete their training each year
  • 18% practice in rural areas
  • 96.5% of NPs prescribe medications, averaging 20 prescriptions per day
  • NPs hold prescriptive privileges in all 50 states, with controlled substances in 48
  • 88% are focused on primary care
  • Mean base salary for NPs is $93,310, average full-time NP income is $98,760
  • 60% of NPs see three to four patients per hour, 7% see over five patients per hour
  • Only 2% have been named as primary defendant in a malpractice case
  • 96% of NPs are female
  • The average age for NPs is 48

In addition, the majority of NP’s practice area is family primary care, with 48.3 percent in this field. The second most popular is adult primary care, with 19.3 percent of nurse practitioners practicing in this specialty area.

As stated previously, an increasing number of NPs are considering the option to start working as a locum tenens nurse practitioner. In an NP survey conducted by Staff Care, 10 percent of respondents said that they planned to work locum tenens in the next one to three years. With multiple benefits like availability, stability and working in multiple settings, there’s no question of why locum tenens is such an attractive option for NPs around the country.

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