Residents & Fellows: Can You Pass the Social Media Job Screening Process?

Can You Pass the Social Media Job Screening Process

When a prospective resident or fellow is going through the interview process to get into their future training program, there are many factors that resident directors and other faculty members consider to determine if the applicant is a good match for their program. 

However, one important factor that most training physicians forget to take into consideration is their Facebook page. With the increasing popularity Facebook gains each day, more employers are using this social network as a tool to pre-screen prospective candidates to determine if that person would be an ideal employee for the company.

In a recent survey including 3,169 hiring managers, 22 percent said they used social networking profiles to screen potential hires. In addition, 34 percent of these same hiring managers reported dropping candidates from consideration based on the content found. The most concerning content found by employers were of potential employees posting inappropriate photos or those with drugs and alcohol, as well as using excessive profanities.

To ensure that your Facebook and other social media accounts are acceptable for both the corporate and medical world, here are some easy tips to follow:

1. Google yourself.

By doing this simple technique you can make sure that there is no information or photos about yourself that you would not want a potential employer seeing. Also, if you happen to find negative content, you can easily detect it and make sure to remove it to prevent any future complications during your job search.

2. Check out your privacy settings.

Even if you think your Facebook page is private, it might not be as secure as it appears. Check your privacy settings and make sure that the public is limited to viewing your information on your page so that they cannot access your profile without your permission. Although some employers may know a way to work around these privacy settings, it is still good to make sure everything is private.

3. Filter through your photos.

It's easy to decipher what photos are appropriate for your Facebook page and what is not. A simple question you can ask yourself is, “Would I want my boss or patient to see this picture of me?” If there answer is no, simply delete it for good measure. When it comes to social media, nothing is private, and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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