White Papers August 13, 2016

Hospital Trustee Guide to Physician Relations, Recruiting, Retention & Locum Tenens

Physician staffing and recruitment — including retention, relations, and the general utilization of locum tenens — is a key component of hospital administration, perhaps now more than ever.

"As the hospital considers its role in these areas, it is necessary to first develop an understanding of the current physician market," write the authors of Staff Care's latest white paper. "Who are doctors today? How many are there? What are their concerns? In what settings do they practice? How are they now being affected by health reform and shifting market dynamics? With multiple changes pending this year and beyond, how is their role in the health system likely to change?"

Gaining the ability to accurately answer these questions is essential for hospital trustees. In this white paper on physician relations, recruiting and retention, Staff Care offers some guidance on how to do just that.

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