White Papers December 15, 2015

The Growing Use and Recruitment of Hospitalists

Tracing the growth of hospitalist recruitment and employment over the past 20 years (the term was coined in 1996), the latest white paper from the thought leaders at Staff Care discusses the factors that not only molded a new and critically important practice specialty, but which also actively contribute to its continued widespread utilization — factors such as:

  • The introduction of Medicare’s DRG payment model, based on a "fixed sum for various services independent of patient length of stay in the hospital," which required the presence of in-house doctors with around-the-clock availability;
  • The implementation of electronic health records (EHR), "which made it possible for physicians, meeting patients for the first time in the hospital, to access their medical histories;" and
  • A growing number of physicians, "particularly younger physicians," who value a "controllable lifestyle” and career that includes set hours and the reduction or elimination of inpatient duties.

What's all this mean for healthcare employers? "It is extremely difficult in today’s market to recruit physicians to practice opportunities that do not feature a hospitalist program," the authors state. "Indeed, traditional internal medicine that includes inpatient work is one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, search assignment" conducted by AMN Healthcare's physician recruitment teams. (Staff Care is a company of AMN Healthcare.)

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