Rocking the Pentagon: Locum Tenens Tales from the Road

Rocking the Pentagon: Tales from the Road

Dr. Cherilynn Romano, Ph.D., shares her locum tenens tale from the road.

I have had so many adventures working locum tenens for Staff Care, I hardly know where to start. I’ve walked different parts of the Appalachian Trail, visited Jamestown and Williamsburg, Virginia, won a Texas Hold ‘Em card tournament in Atlantic City, New Jersey, and used a big chunk of my winnings to take good friends (made on the job) to dinner at The Capitol Grill in Washington, D.C. I’ve enjoyed lunches with real rocket scientists from NASA when working at Fort Eustis, Virginia. I’ve met representatives from the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc. during a training day on the role of psychology in the intelligence community. I’ve even visited the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C., but the best of all was getting the opportunity to give a presentation at the Pentagon!

There are always some problems that may take some patience or creativity to deal with, but Staff Care has always been by my side in solving issues. My mom died while I was working on the East Coast. The Staff Care logistics wizards got me a ticket for a decent price in less than 24 hours so I could get to Arizona. On my own, I would have managed to get a flight but I would have paid a huge last-minute booking price. It was just a comfort to have a team that really helped me deal with that ordeal.

At every site I have made long-lasting friendships — I’m even vacationing in Aruba with two locum tenens-made friends this December.

I have also expanded my knowledge base. Where else would I have been exposed to Navy CSI Psychological Autopsies seminars? I have biked the monuments in Washington, D.C., spent the Fourth of July at the National Mall with a vet who had never been able to go to fireworks celebrations since the Vietnam War. I have increased my understanding of what our military men and women endure in their service to all of us. I understand our political and military better and have grown personally in knowing so many brave soldiers and Marines.

The Pentagon? THE BEST!

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