Sales Spotlight: Blake Stromberg

Staff Care Employee Spotlight: Blake Stromberg

Blake Stromberg comes in to work each morning ready to be the best Staff Care employee he can be. He has an admirable determination and drive to achieve anything he sets his sights on. These are among the talents that have made him such an effective member of the sales team at Staff Care. Blake has proven to be an essential team member within the company and will undoubtedly continue achieving success in the future.

Having arrived at Staff Care just three years ago, Blake has quickly learned the ropes of the physician and healthcare staffing industry and has earned recognition for his top personal production within the Anesthesia team. He not only sees reward in his work being able to work with healthcare facilities, but also enjoys working with each member in his team who makes coming to work each day that much more enjoyable.

On the rare occasions when Blake isn't hard at work, he enjoys spending time in Uptown Dallas, where he lives, or playing basketball (any chance he gets!).

What’s your back-story?

I grew up in Southlake, Texas and graduated from Southlake Carroll High School. I then went on to Southern Methodist University and graduated with a degree in economic sociology.

What do you like to do for fun outside of work? Do you have any hobbies?

Outside of work, I try to go to as many Mavs and Cowboys games as possible (I wish I could include SMU football games in that mix ... ). Other than that, I enjoy working out and spending summers at Lake Lewisville.

How long have you been working with Staff Care?

I've been at Staff Care for just under three years. I started in radiology, and when the radiology market downsized made the switch over to anesthesiology.

What attracted you to working in the healthcare industry?

Healthcare is a growing industry and with the challenges hospitals will face in the next few years, it seemed like a great opportunity to get into this sector.

What do you enjoy most about your job at Staff Care?

Aside from getting to meet new people every day by speaking to doctors across the country, I enjoy the people I work with in the anesthesia division. I enjoy my job, but it wouldn't be nearly as enjoyable without the people I’m around each day.

If you could have any job in the world, other than working at Staff Care, what would it be? Why?

As long as I didn’t have to teach also (especially not math), I’d probably be a high school basketball coach. I would live to re-live the glory years and that might be my only option at this point.

What's one of your favorite work-related memories?

Being able to go to the President’s Club Cancun trip earlier this year has to be #1, followed closely by our anesthesia Christmas parties each year.

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