Staff Care Physician Survey Cited in Forbes

Forbes Cites Staff Care Physician Survey

Staff Care's latest Survey of Temporary Physician Staffing Trends was recently cited in a Forbes article written by Bruce Japsen.

The article focuses on survey findings indicating that 31 percent of healthcare facilities plan to increase their staff this year, citing factors such as a new patient influx created by the Affordable Care Act and a looming physician shortage.

“Based on patient demographics alone, demand for medical services is growing and the ACA is extra yeast that is going to make the bread rise,” Staff Care's president Sean Ebner is quoted in the article. “Whether 30 million people obtain health insurance through the ACA, or 15 million, demand for doctors and other clinicians is going to spike, and many healthcare facilities are gearing up for it by adding staff.”

We invite you to read the full Forbes article, and also to download your full, free copy of Staff Care’s Temporary Physician Staffing Trends survey, which also features information on physician recruiting trends and perspectives on working locum tenens from doctors.

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