Staff Care President Consulted in Article on Freelance Physicians & Locum Staffing

Staff Care President Consulted in Article on Freelance Physicians & Locum Staffing

Staff Care’s recent findings that a whopping 94% of healthcare employers have said they utilize locum tenens staffing at some point during the year continues to resonate throughout the healthcare industry.

In a look at the growing use of “freelance physicians” STAT News — a Boston Globe Media-owned publication focusing on health and healthcare business — became the latest mainstream publication to note the growing importance of locum tenens physicians within the industry at large. And in doing so, Staff Care’s own president, Jeff Decker, was among the staffing experts consulted.

Of course, freelance physicians is another way of saying “locum tenens.” The latter is a term traditionally used to describe the process by which one physician temporarily takes the place of another, though in recent years it’s come to encompass much more than that—such as long-term solutions in addition to short-term, and the increasing utilization of physician assistants, nurse practitioners, dentists, mental health professionals, and other types of clinicians, too.

And a strategic approach to locum tenens staffing now arguably offers much more than access to premium freelance healthcare physicians and clinicians. Today, leading locum staffing providers like Staff Care offer a suite of workforce solutions that integrates the necessary locum professionals into a forward-thinking healthcare strategy.

Companies like Staff Care don’t simply offer temporary contract physicians, but rather a suite of staffing services in which a team of locum doctors and clinicians is available to play whatever role is needed. Read more about our strategic locums staffing solutions here.

More Freelance Physicians, Better Locum Tenens Staffing

The use of locums staffing among America’s healthcare employers has risen along with the number of physicians and clinicians willing to embrace the “locums lifestyle” and all of its benefits. In the STAT article, Max Blau cites Staff Care 2017 Survey of Temporary Physician Staffing Trends in noting that, since 2002, “the number of U.S. doctors working freelance has nearly doubled to 48,000.”

“And some health care recruiters predict that number will double again in the decade to come,” Blau adds.

To get an insider’s perspective on the rise in locum tenens staffing, Blau spoke to some of the healthcare staffing industry’s most noted locums experts. Decker clarified the survey’s findings that 94% of healthcare facility managers stated they worked with locum physicians over the past year, and explained to Blau the economic foundation of the service.

“Hospitals may be hiring better locum tenens doctors now that the pool of qualified practitioners willing to do temp work is growing,” as Blau notes in his article.

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The article wasn’t the first time Decker’s industry expertise has been leveraged in service of improved healthcare delivery. In the summer of 2016, he wrote about the nation’s impending shortage of allied healthcare professionals for the AMN Healthcare website, noting that, of “the 15 fastest-growing jobs in America, ten of them are healthcare jobs, and eight of those ten are allied. Demand for therapists will be acute, especially when you look at the large numbers involved.” Read that full article here.

A few months later, Jeff penned an article arguing that home healthcare agencies should widen their candidate pools with professionals who may not have direct home health experience. “Home health facilities may need to revisit their hiring policies to widen their candidate pool,” he wrote. “A reluctance to do so might worsen prospects for filling critical job vacancies, which in turn can affect patient care quality, revenues and competitiveness.” Read that article here.

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