Staffing More Nurse Practitioners May Reduce Emergency Room Visits

Staffing More Nurse Practitioners May Reduce Emergency Room Visits

A recent study by the Loyola University Health System found that unnecessary ER visits can be cut in half by increasing the nurse practitioner staff, as reported by Fierce HealthCare.

“After adding an NP to an inpatient surgical team who coordinated the discharge plan and communicated with patients after discharge, telephone conversations with patients jumped 64 percent and visiting nurse, physical therapy, or occupational therapy services rose from 25 percent to 39 percent," the report stated.

"In addition to improving patients' use of hospital resources, NP involvement also led to a 50 percent drop in unnecessary ED visits.”

Staff Care's experts agree. Jesse Sanchez, Regional Vice President of Emergency Medicine for Staff Care, sees the impact in work reduction on physicians. “Having a nurse practitioner monitor patients’ progress frees up the EM provider to see new patients in need of immediate medical attention,” he says.

Gary Hart, Divisional Vice President at Staff Care, highlights the improvement of patient care by having one point of contact. “Having a nurse practitioner as patients’ one point of contact after an ED visit will substantially lower the volume of patients going back to ED for follow up visits.”

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