Survey: Only 4% of Family Medicine Residents Have Accepted a Job Offer

87% Are Open to Working Temporary, “Locum Tenens” Assignments

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IRVING, TEXAS -- Only four percent of family medicine physicians in training have accepted a job offer even though they typically have dozens of jobs from which to choose, according to Staff Care's new 2015 Survey of Family Medicine Residents.

Conducted by Staff Care, a leading national temporary physician staffing firm and a company of AMN Healthcare (NYSE: AHS), the survey underscores the unsettled job plans of most family medicine residents.

“Family medicine residents represent one of the most sought after groups of professionals in the country – if not the most sought after group,” notes Sean Ebner, president of Staff Care. “However, the survey suggests that they are more focused on their training than they are on fielding job offers.”

According to Ebner, family physicians have been the number one target of Staff Care’s recruiting efforts for five consecutive years, and he indicates family physicians often receive 100 or more job solicitations during their training. Nevertheless, 86 percent of family medicine residents surveyed said that they have either put little to no time into considering job offers, or have considered job offers but have not interviewed. Ten percent of those surveyed have interviewed for jobs but have not accepted one, while the remaining four percent (including those completing their training in 2016) have accepted a job offer.

“The good news for hospitals, medical groups and staffing companies is that despite all the job offers family medical residents receive, many are still in play and are not yet ‘spoken for,’” said Ebner.

Family medicine residents were asked specifically about their knowledge of locum tenens, a practice in which physicians take temporary assignments, filling in at understaffed facilities or substituting for physicians who are absent due to illness, vacation, or other reasons. Sixty-seven percent of those surveyed were either somewhat familiar or very familiar with locum tenens, while 33 percent were either unfamiliar or only vaguely familiar with locum tenens. The great majority of those surveyed (97 percent) have not worked as a “locum,” though the majority (87 percent) said they would be somewhat to very open to doing so.

Though it often is observed that medical residents have preconceived notions about where they want to practice, Ebner said, the survey indicates that about half of family medicine residents are open to practicing in various geographic areas. Fifty-one percent of those surveyed said they would consider jobs in a wide number of locations, 18 percent said have a predetermined out-of-state location in mind, 16 percent said they will seek a job within the state they trained, and 15 percent said they will seek a job locally where they trained.

When asked to rate their preference for a practice setting, family medicine residents indicated group practice as their top preference, followed by community health centers and academic medical centers. Locum tenens ranked fifth among 13 practice settings rated. Eighty-five percent of residents expressed a preference for a schedule of 31 hours or more in their first job post-residency, while the remaining 15 percent expressed a preference for 30 hours or less. Locum tenens may be an appropriate fit for the latter group, Ebner send, because it allows physicians to work flexible schedules.

The survey was conducted by Staff Care at the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) 2015 Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students held in Kansas City, Missouri. The survey is based on 133 responses. A complete copy the survey report is available at Staff Care's website; you can also receive a copy by calling Staff Care at 800-685-2272.

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