True Locum Tenens Stories: Are You Recruiting Your Family’s Next Physician?

Are You Recruiting Your Family's Next Physician?

Two stories from our Staff Care team members demonstrate the importance of placing the best physician on assignment.

From Michelle Dunn, Territory Sales Consultant, Staff Care

Several years ago, when I was an internal medicine recruiter for Staff Care I placed a neurologist at a hospital in Joplin, Missouri. A few months later I got a call from my mom, who told me my dad had been admitted to a hospital after having a stroke while on a trip home to Kansas. When I asked where he was, she told me he was at the same hospital in Joplin in which I had placed the physician. I went to work the next day and verified that we had also placed several physicians along with my neurosurgeon.

As it turns out, this same neurosurgeon treated my father while he was there. It was a huge comfort to me to be able to relay to my family that this was a good doctor, someone I had placed, and someone that had gone through Staff Care rigorous qualifying process. It gave my whole family such piece of mind knowing that even though we couldn't be there he was getting the best care. I knew that if I had placed him, he must be good.

My dad was treated and released to travel home back to Kansas and made a full recovery. When Dad heard that I had placed the neurosurgeon that treated him, he was amazed. He could never have imagined that what I did, working in Dallas, would have such a big impact on our family, and he was grateful to know that his daughter was looking out for dads, moms, and everyone else out there by making sure the right people work in the right place.

This experience has made me appreciate locum tenens doctors even more. They provide high quality care and they experience different practice settings and different hospitals and so are able to pick up all of the good experiences, knowledge, and training along the way and apply those to the people they treat.

From Brian Squibbs, Regional Account Director, Staff Care

“Would you have any concerns with the healthcare provider treating a member of your family?”

This question, one of many on our provider reference questionnaire, has taken on special meaning for me with my regional territory being so close to family. This question has always been my moral and ethical compass when working with facilities and potential candidates.

As I knew it could always be a possibility, the day came when my grandmother was admitted for a couple of pretty severe breaks in her hip and femur. Due to her age and the extensive surgery necessary, the orthopedic surgeon requested that all family be notified of how serious this was. My mother, father, sister and I were on a plane the next morning.

Shortly after arriving, I had the pleasure of meeting a pulmonary disease/critical care physician we had placed at this particular facility, but more importantly had been a quality locum tenens through Staff Care for more than 10 years. He and I had communicated frequently for the past four years, although we never met. I had always warned this physician he may run into my grandmother along the way due to her pulmonary issues and that day had finally arrived.

When it comes to family, we all have a tendency to worry no matter who the physician. However, it sure eased my mind, as well as that of my family’s to learn Dr. Williams was there when we needed him.

This experience brought that question from our reference questionnaire full circle and helped to set my family at ease knowing a well qualified expert was on the scene should my grandmother need him. It has and will always be my motto, and I love to share with my colleagues to help them understand the impact of their daily decisions. Having what I always knew was a distinct possibility occur definitely brought things home for me personally.

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