Video: Celebrating Staff Care’s 2017 Country Doctor of the Year, Van Breeding, MD

Video: Celebrating Staff Care’s 2017 Country Doctor of the Year, Van Breeding, MD

Since 1992, Staff Care has celebrated some of the most inspiring rural physicians in the United States via our Country Doctor of the Year Award. Highlighting the spirit, skill and dedication of America’s outstanding rural physicians, the award is designed to not just recognize the amazing doctors who have spent their careers helping care for America's underserved communities, but also to inspire younger physicians to embrace the challenges and rewards of rural medicine.

There’s Dr. Elton Lehman, who built a birthing center to accommodate the special cultural needs of Amish women, and Dr. David Nichols, who flew his helicopter once a week to tiny Tangier Island in the Chesapeake Bay to care for its isolated population.

Dr. Jasmin Sulaiman helped grow a community health center into a multi-clinic operation spanning three county rural service areas, all of which she supervises in addition to seeing patients 40 hours a week and running a two-day free clinic across the border in Matamoros, Mexico.

Dr. Robert Bösl took out a second mortgage to build a clinic for his patients when the local hospital closed, Staff Care’s roster of Country Doctors represents a remarkable group of hard-working men and women across the breadth of the United States.

And then there’s our most recent Country Doctor of the Year, the outspoken Dr. Van Breeding, whose receipt of the 2017 award was greeted with a flurry of media attention, including that of The New York Times, CNN, USA Today, and many others.

In the video below, we offer a recap of 25 years of the Country Doctor of the Year Award, as well as an in-depth celebration of Dr. Breeding and his incredible work provding care in rural Kentucky. Share it with your social networks and spread the word about America's amazing rural physicians!

Video: Celebrating Van Breeding, MD, Staff Care’s 2017 Country Doctor of the Year


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