Video: Choosing Quality Care over Patient Volume Pressures

Staff Care Video: Choosing Quality Care over Patient Volume Standards

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Texas-based radiologist Dr. Andrea Lundell is a seasoned locum tenens professional who has many insights to share about the locum lifestyle. Over the course of her career, she's found herself in some unique positions that called for quick judgment in the face of traditional hospital orthodoxy.

In this video, Dr. Lundell discusses how healthcare work settings configured to adhere to — and drive physicians toward meeting — certain levels of patient volumes can occasionally affect the quality of patient care. Among Dr. Lundell's key points — all great takeaways for locum physicians at all levels of experience — are:

  • When standard medical procedures result in errors or aberrations, re-resting patients should not be discouraged because of patient volume limits or guidelines.
  • As a healthcare professional you may have to go above and beyond normal practices to ensure best results.
  • Beware, and be prepared: Proactive behavior isn’t always warmly received by your fellow healthcare professionals!

Video: Choosing Quality Care over Patient Volume Pressures

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