Video: Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Next Locums Assignment

Video: Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Next Locum Assignment

Welcome to Staff Care's Locum Tenens Video Series, where we examine some of the most pressing issues facing the healthcare staffing industry. Today's video discusses the many enticing locations available to locum travelers. View more locum videos here.

As readers of the Locums Link Blog know, there are a lot of benefits to working locum tenens assignments. From building great career experience in a diverse variety of healthcare settings to earning extra money for paying down medical school debt, locum assignments offers a plethora of advantages to today's working physicians and clinicians.

But there's another, more appealing aspect to locum tenens work: From chasing the sun in California or Hawaii to enjoying glitz and glamour of Miami or New York, working locum assignments gives physicians (and practitioners) the chance to travel where they want and when they want throughout the United States and its territories.

"We've been very blessed with where we've gotten to go," explains David, an orthopedic surgeon who's worked locum tenens assignments with Staff Care, in our exclusive video. "My wife very quickly figured out that it's nice to be in the south part of the year, and in the north part of the year.

"I certainly wouldn't have been able to spend much time in places like Hawaii or Colorado without having this opportunity," he adds.

"The sky's the limit," agrees Suzana, an account manager who's placed doctors in highly desirable locales such as Hawaii and Florida's South Beach. "If they're able and they're willing to travel for extended amounts of time — meaning six to seven months or a year contract — you're traveling, you're getting to experience a different place but you're getting paid for it, and you're practicing medicine, which is what you love."

"One of the most unique opportunities I've placed a provider was in Guam," says Gregory, a Staff Care senior account manager. "The schedule was great because they were only required to work 'til about two or three o'clock, and they only worked three days a week, and the rest of the time was vacation for them."

Video: Choosing the Perfect Location for Your Next Locums Assignment

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