Video: Dr. Geeta Arora on the Benefits of Locum Tenens Work

Video: Dr. Geeta Arora on the Benefits of Locum Tenens Work

Few physicians advocate locum tenens work as passionately as Dr. Geeta Arora, a physician trained in hospital medicine. Over the years, she's frequently voiced her thoughts on the benefits of locums work to The Hospitalist magazine — including this recent rundown on how the multiple state licenses she's acquired working locum tenens have helped her transition into home healthcare.

Recently, Dr. Arora went on-camera to explain the benefits of locum tenens work to the nation's physicians. Her introduction to locum tenens is based around her experience as a hospitalist, but all physicians can benefit from the insights into locums work provided by Dr. Arora.

Dr. Arora is joined in the video by James Levy, PA-C, SFHM, Vice President of Human Resources for Michigan's iNDIGO Health Partners, "a physician-led company committed to sustaining community healthcare." Mr. Levy explains what hiring professionals typically look for when recruiting hospitalists to work locum tenens assignments, providing valuable insight into what physicians should understand before they pursue a locums career.

Video: The Benefits of Locum Tenens Work

"Your schedule is your own, so you can pursue whatever passion you have," Dr. Arora says about the benefits of locum tenens work. "For example, I'm really into surfing and traveling the world as well as global medicine. So, I get to decide when I work and where it fits into my lifestyle."

"Many hospitalists choose locums as a lifestyle because they like the variety, they like the travel, they like the freedom of choice, they like the freedom to maintain their own schedule — and they like the money," agrees Mr. Levy.

Dr. Arora also speaks of some of the challenges of EMR work — and how those challenges can themselves be seen as benefits. Having to learn 10 different EMR systems "in the last five years ... presents a challenge," she says.

"You have to be pretty versatile with your technology skills. Once you get over that… It's great. You now know another EHR, you now know a little bit more about the culture of the hospital and you also can find your way around."

Still not sure about the benefits of locum tenens work? "If locum tenens hospitalist [work] is something you're interested in doing, try it!" Dr. Arora says. "Just go for it, and see what doors open to you."

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