Video: How Physician Financial Pressures Impact Patient Care

Video: How Physician Financial Pressures Impact Patient Care

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In recent years, many physicians and practitioners across the U.S. have reported struggling with certain industry-mandated financial pressures — the kinds of pressures that could affect the quality of patient care.

In this Physicians Roundtable video from Staff Care, Dr. Michael Bennington and Dr. Rama Rao discuss how these physician financial pressures have directly affected their own practices.

"The market's not being allowed to set the price," Dr. Bennington says. "The amount of reimbursement they offer for certain aspects of patient care " is being decreased each year — and physician reimbursement is decreasing along with it.

Dr. Bennington is a family practice physician who notes that others in his specialty have had to reduce their volume and time spent with patients to keep up with these declining rates of reimbursement. "There's a pressure to see more patients," and spend less time with them in order to make the same amount of money in the past, he says.

"In my opinion, that's not the way medicine should be practiced," Dr. Bennington adds. "You need to spend the time with the patient."

Video: How Physician Financial Pressures Impact Patient Care

As Staff Care VP Phil Miller recently discussed in a Health Affairs article — and in front of the National Press Club (check out our recap of those remarks here) — these physician financial pressures can have deleterious effects, such as a decrease in the quality of patient care, and even an increase in the risk of fraud.

In the video, Dr. Rao also talks about how these physician financial pressures are affecting psychiatry and therapy. "So it's really across all specialties," he says. "Whether it's family practice, or psychiatry and even pediatrics."

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