Video: Overcoming Healthcare Staffing Challenges with Locum Recruitment Services

Video: Overcoming Healthcare Staffing Challenges with Locum Recruitment Services

Is the constantly evolving nature of the healthcare industry presenting staffing challenges to your practice or profession? And if so, have you considered the value of leveraging a full-service locum recruitment partner as a solution?

In this exclusive video, the Staff Care senior leadership team discusses some of the specific staffing challenges that are currently facing the healthcare industry — as well as how locum tenens recruitment services can be leveraged to overcome them.

Video: Overcoming Healthcare Staffing Challenges with Locum Recruitment Services

  • Jeff Waddill talks about the importance of locum recruitment services in smaller towns and communities. "We tend to do a lot of work in a rural setting, and there's challenges associated with being able to hold onto your staff in a rural setting," Jeff adds. (Read more of Jeff's views on how locum staffing can benefit community health centers here.)
  • Christin Stanford points out the ways in which locum recruitment and utilization have evolved recently. Whereas locum professionals were once mostly recruited to cover vacations, today's healthcare facilities "are seeing locum tenens firms more like a business partner" that offer "a more well-rounded staff and skillset" to enhance their offerings. (Meet Christin here.)
  • Jeff also talks about how locum recruitment services can help companies "meet their patient care needs" without having to compromise the time that physicians spend with patients.
  • The "aging population of physicians" has led to more turnover, and locum recruitment firms like Staff Care can help ensure patient care and revenue generation, Christin adds. (Read more about increasing physician retirement rates here.)
  • Smaller hospitals and clinics may have just a few individuals handing healthcare staffing, Jeff points out. By turning staffing over to a company like Staff Care, "they're gaining access to providers on a national scope" that they may not otherwise be able to access.

Whether you're facing specific healthcare staffing or simply looking to take a more strategic approach to your future needs, our locum recruitment services are at your command: You can contact us via this quick form, or submit a staffing request here.

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