Video: A Physician’s Guide to Surviving Medical School

Staff Care Video: A Physician’s Guide to Surviving Medical School

Welcome to Staff Care's Locum Tenens Video Series, where we examine some of the most pressing issues facing the healthcare staffing industry. The following video offers medical school advice for physicians in training; we also invite you to view more locum videos here.

Most practicing physicians can agree on one point: medical school is a challenging time. From the difficulties of balancing school and social life to managing a stressful schedule, physicians in training have their hands full as they prepare for to enter the world of full-time practice.

To help students survive the medical school stage of their lives, a panel of Staff Care physicians came together to offer advice that they'd give themselves if they could revisit their time in school. From managing time to maintaining the right mental outlook, the video below is a quick guide to surviving medical school for today's hardworking physicians-in-training.

Video: A Physician’s Guide to Surviving Medical School

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