Video: Why Locum Tenens Doctors Choose Medical Careers

Video: Why Locum Tenens Doctors Choose Medical Careers

What motivates someone to become a physician? Welcome to Staff Care's Locum Tenens Video Series, where a panel of locum physicians discusses the issues facing today's healthcare workforce (and doctors in particular). Check out more locum videos here.

What made you decide to want to become a physician? We put the question to our panel of locum tenens physicians.

The career path of a physician was a "great combination of science and service," said Dr. Manisha Shah, a locum tenens cardiologist, expressing a central theme of the conversation.

"I've always had a sincere desire to share the blessings I've been given, and to go out and help other people who are in need, and to make their lives better," added Dr. Andrea Lundell, a locum tenens radiologist.

Other answers included a desire to carry on family traditions, an interest in the body-mind connection, and a desire to bridge Eastern and Western medical philosophies and practices.

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Video: Why Locum Tenens Doctors Choose Medical Careers

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