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Physician assistants jobs, or PA jobs are in high demand in a variety of physician practices and acute care settings, with physician shortages and healthcare reform fueling a growing demand for their services. As physician assistants become more in demand, there has been a corresponding growth in the need for temporary (i.e. locum tenens) part-time physician assistants to fill in during staff vacancies and census fluctuations.

A snapshot of physician assistants and job information in the United States:

  • 83,640 physician assistants are employed1
  • 31% of PAs work in primary care, 23% in surgical subspecialties, 11% in emergency medicine, and 10% in internal medicine subspecialties2
  • 61% of PAs are female, 38% are male (1% unknown)2
  • PAs earn a mean (average) annual salary of $92,4601

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Staff Care is the nation’s largest professional healthcare staffing network for physician assistant (PA) jobs, and our Physician Assistant recruiters are dedicated to matching PAs with the part-time physician assistant jobs to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. Browse our extensive database of locum tenens physician assistant jobs today―many of which you won’t find anywhere else!

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Flexibility in Physician Assistant (PA) jobs and assignments. Physician assistants can work locum tenens assignments that range from call-only coverage to full shifts, lasting from just a few days to a few weeks or up to a year. As an indication of the growing demand for these advanced practitioners, 2013 marked the first year that PAs were included in Staff Care’s Survey of Temporary Physician Staffing Trends. Download your copy today.

Data sources: 1U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Occupational Employment and Wages, May 2012, 2 American Academy of Physician Assistants’ 2010 Census Report.

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